Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA’s are in huge demand in the medical field. Becoming a CNA is a great option for anyone seeking a rewarding career during this economy downturn and beyond. Obtaining your CNA certification is easier than you may have thought. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is very affordable and requires little education.

A Certified Nursing Assistant typically works in a hospital, nursing home, long-term health care facilities, and clinics. Under the supervision of nurses, CNA’s provide patients with routine care. CNA’s typically help the elderly, chronically ill, or rehab patients perform everyday tasks. CNA’s also keep track of a patients vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate, and reports changes directly to the nurse.

To become a CNA, or a Certified Nursing Assistant, students must complete an approved CNA training program, and successfully pass the state certification exam. Upon passing the exam, students receive their CNA certification and can then embark on a great medical career.

Approved and accredited CNA training programs are offered online and offline. Training for CNA certification is typically offered by community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals and the Red Cross. Online CNA training courses are often more convenient and can easily fit into your busy schedule. CNA certification training can take as little as two weeks or as long as six weeks. The training course covers both theory and practical skills application. In theory the course quickly covers anatomy, biology, chemistry, nutrition, physiology and basic nursing skills. The practical skills covered are communication skills, observational skills and physical skills.
Certified Nursing Assistant
Once you complete the CNA training, the next step is to pass the state CNA certification exam. The exam contacts written, oral and practical skills sections. The practical skills section is the most important, and involves clinical examinations with a live patient. After passing the certification exam, a CNA is legally allowed to work in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, long term care facilities and other health care facilities throughout the United States. Other requirements in the U.S.A. often include a background check, drug testing, and general references.

Becoming a CNA is a smart career decision. Once you go through the CNA training and receive your certification, you will be placed in your states registry of Certified Nursing Assistants. Now you will be ready to start your extremely rewarding career as a CNA. Not only will you start an amazing new career, you will also open door to many other potential careers in the health care field.

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